Came fourth in the Minimalist Game Jam ^_^

TL;DR Controls: Press Escape in-game to see them!

Game Info and Jam Info

My second game for a game jam, this one is for Minimalist Game Jam, it's a local multiplayer and a heavy (very heavy) hat tip to Bomberman, it uses three main colours (0099CC, 66CCFF and 003399) with black and cream used for multiple things including the background and lines here and there. Maximum of three colours used on each sprite, No shaders, particle effects or anything like that.

I didn't get to use the whole time we had because of work, booo!


Randomly generated seeds for layouts, bomb count powerup and bomb chain powerup, bombs blow up when hit by explosions


Player 1: Arrow keys and control to drop a bomb

Player 2: WASD and space to drop a bomb

Known bugs and problems

Due to the entirely random nature of the game, it should be possible to have a seed without any powerups, but the odds are heavily stacked against it, there's roughly a 20% chance for each block to spawn either one of two power ups or nothing.


I will continue working on this, it was fun!

Development log

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