TD Game Update - V0.015


  • Tower build placeholder when selecting where to build is now a semi-transparent model the same size as the tower being built
  • When placing a tower, the tower now drops exactly where the build placeholder shows it will
  • Laser starting point is now appropriately placed rather than offset
  • Laser default point is now the same as its starting point, so when you first build a tower it won't zap in a random direction.
  • Eliminated a click in the build process, just choose a tower and it'll start showing you where you can build
  • When you choose to build a tower, the world now shows you where you can and cannot build

Known issues

  • You can still build over the top of another tower
  • Laser shoots from the local 0,0,0 of the tower, this is wrong.

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Feb 24, 2018

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