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Recent updates

A change in public update releases
I will no longer be keeping the WebGL version up to date, it is extremely time consuming to keep it running in an acceptable way, I'm developing this in my spar...
Outpost Defence Update V0.021
Changes Basic object select improved, selecting a built tower or enemy now displays a placeholder for its information Issues Currently no way to deselect anyth...
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Last update for WebGL version
This is the last update for the WebGL version, because it runs like junk. Next update will come with the stand alone version for download...
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Outpost Defence Update V0.02
General bug fixes and changes, Although this was inevitable, please note, this version (webGL) is now almost unplayable with its performance, I'll start uploadi...
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Outpost Defence Update V0.019
Changes Redone Laser tower, it now follows the enemy before firing...
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Outpost Defence Update V0.018
Tower damage is now doing exactly what your eyes are telling you it's doing, no trickery involved, when the laser hits on screen it does damage. There are some...
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Outpost Defence Update V0.017
Changes General improvements in performance, you should see around 55-60fps in the WebGL version. Slight camera adjustments to remove some more "dead space". Mo...
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Outpost Defence Update V0.016
Changes Fixed laser positioning Added in-game help for what to do Gave the game a name...
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