TD Game Update - V0.013 - Actual gameplay! Gasp!



  • Removed both original towers
  • Added Laser tower: Does 1 damage per tic, multiplies based on how many towers are attacking it at any one time (1 tower is 1 damage, 2 towers is 4 damage, etc)
  • Damage is now visual, you have onscreen feedback of damage being done by your towers (a laser!)
  • Added roads for the enemies to travel alone
  • Added some more scenery, blocked off other exits to make it obvious which path the enemies will take
  • Visual ques for which direction an enemy will take (A bit buggy at the moment)
  • Added tower descriptions

Known bugs & Fixes

  • Clicking a tower, and then clicking it again before building it crashes the (standalone) game, I know the reason and will fix it next update. This doesn't crash the WebGL version, but it's possible to get it stuck on no tower selected.
  • Default laser origin is 0,0,0 (world cords) when it should be local to the tower, which is why it seems to be aiming in the wrong direction briefly.

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Feb 21, 2018

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